Jio Cloud Gaming
Jio is now also making its presence known in the Jio Cloud gaming service.

After disrupting the 4G market and making headway into the 5G world, Jio is now also making its presence known in the Cloud gaming service. The company has launched JioGamesCloud- a service that was announced by the company a while ago but has now started to roll out to people.

The company describes JioGamesCloud as a gaming platform where anyone with any smartphone or a Set-Top Box connection or a standard laptop/desktop can play high-end games in higher resolutions without the need for any downloads, installations, or updates/upgrades. In short, it lets you instantly play video games on compatible devices by streaming directly on them. All it requires is a fast Internet connection.

Jio Cloud Gaming
Jio Cloud Gaming

It has games across all genres and age groups ranging from AAA games to casual to hyper-casual. Mega Party, Toki, The Uncertain, The Sisters, and Syberia 3 are a few of the games available on the platform.

The JioGamesCloud is currently available in beta mode and the platform has already begun taking registrations for the beta program trial.

Jio informs that to access JioGamesCloud, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. The Beta version is currently free.

To apply for the JioGames Cloud and play games, here’s what you need to do.

Begin with opening the official website of JioGamesCloud. Once the website is open, tap on ‘Get Started’ situated in the upper right corner. 

  • Upon tapping, you will be asked to choose a device. In devices, you will be given three options: Smartphone, Desktop, and Set-top Box. Select the suitable device.  
  • After the device has been selected, tap on Play Now, sign up and enroll in the Beta program by putting in the phone number and OTP.
  • Once done, you will be able to play Cloud games now.

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Games available in Jio Gaming Cloud Service

Currently, JioGaming Cloud has a pretty limited library of game titles. There are 50+ games available on the Jio Gaming Cloud Service. Below is a list of some of the games available on the JioGames cloud service:

Jio Cloud Gaming
Jio Cloud Gaming
Games available on Jio Gaming Cloud Service:
  • Saints Row
  • Steel Rat
  • Robin Hood (Country Heroes)
  • Grip
  • Cluster Truck
  • The Sisters (Party of the Year)
  • The Bluecoats North South
  • Viking Brothers
  • True Ear Foresaken Part 1 & 2

And more

Jio was previously in reports with Microsoft to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to India. However, that deal did not seem to get through due to price disagreements. Now as per reports, Jio has partnered with Nvidia GeForce to bring more exciting games through cloud gaming to India.

Jio Gaming Cloud release date?

The Jio Games Cloud Gaming release date is not yet confirmed. While Jio has already done the Beta launch of Jio Gaming Cloud, we can expect Jio to release the Jio Gaming Cloud soon.

Jio games?

Currently, Jio Games is offering 50+ free games including Cluster Truck, The Sisters (Party of the Year), The Bluecoats North-South, and Viking Brothers

Is there cloud gaming in India?

Cloud Gaming in India still has a long way to go. Airtel, Jio, and Vi, all three telcos had been showcasing cloud gaming in IMC 2022. Jio though now has finally launched the beta version of its JioGames Cloud Gaming service.

Why do Jio Games Cloud Gaming has a bit of lag?

You may experience a bit of lag on the JioGames cloud service. But this is most probably due to the JioGames being in a Beta launch. We can expect Jio to improvise this soon.

Note that in order to play games on JioGamesCloud, a stable connection is required. Also, the company says that users will need a minimum of 20mbps stable internet connection for it.

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