Vivo has recently introduced their launched Vivo Funtouch OS 13 for global users. Based on Android 13, this combines Vivo’s design-driven value with new and better personalization options, privacy and security measures, and control functions for a smoother, more efficient, and uninterrupted experience.
Vivo wants its consumers to express their creativity and uniqueness through their devices while having a seamless experience.
Vivo Funtouch OS 13

Some of the new features that Vivo Funtouch OS 13 offers are:

Monochrome icon feature

Vivo Funtouch OS 13 gives customers additional home screen graphic customization. Users can match their home screen icons to their background, system, and app interfaces with the monochrome icon feature. On top of that, the new system allows users to adjust colors on their system’s UI and built-in apps, like their notification panels, volume control, calculator, and clock.

It can match the app interface’s color to the user’s background and theme to personalize the device or as the set wallpaper. It applies built-in colors to the notification panel and volume controls. For unique phone styling, extract color from your wallpaper.

Protection and Security

Users can feel more protected and private with the new app pinning feature. The two-level pinning capability maintains the chosen app in view and blocks other apps when someone else uses the device.

With this feature of Vivo Funtouch OS 13, the user can set parameters and control how the pinned app works even when other people are using the device. With this update, users can also hide photos and videos and choose which apps can see them. This keeps unwanted people from seeing them and improves privacy.

Enhanced controls and easy-to-use features coming with Vivo Funtouch OS 13 :


Funtouch OS 13’s iManager monitors app usage time and streamlines Vivo users’ experience, One tap can close an application with heavy CPU consumption. iManager reduces active apps and adjusts CPU frequency based on the phone’s cooling feature to prevent overheating.

Weather and AQI Card

The dashboard also includes an AQI card for health-conscious users who want to rapidly examine the most recent information regarding air quality, with a detailed PM2.5 index available. In addition to weather updates. Don’t forget your umbrella ☔.

Professional Viewfinder

The professional viewfinder’s stabilizer ring makes photography easy. The Level, Stabilization, and Focus rings give you the confidence you need to get the result you want and more professional photographer swag.

Video Editing

The new OS lets users mute the video while editing and changing each segment’s volume exactly. This makes it easier to make videos that look like they were made by professionals.

Effects Master

Change the vibrance, brightness, contrast, and exposure; to choose a style, swipe horizontally or vertically in the viewfinder. It will make your real-time effect work seamlessly. 📸

Hidden Album

To strengthen privacy protection, users can choose which images and videos to hide. This way, even if they give their phone to someone else, they won’t have to worry about unwanted looks. Just don’t handle it over to anyone 😅.

Active app manager

With just one tap, you can quickly manage running programs in the background, check their uptime, and close them. Transparent performance of the app and simple app management.

Digital Accessibility

Our accessibility services now include color correction, color inversion, and animation removal to enable more people to enjoy the digital world.


The stable Vivo Funtouch OS 13 update started rolling out on October 24th beginning from the Vivo X80 Pro globally. Vivo said that it will gradually make it available to more global users.

Check out the complete list of devices that are getting it and the rollout timeline for a beta update in India.

iQOO has also confirmed the list of devices that will get the Vivo FuntouchOS 13
3 update. The Beta version is already rolling for the iQOO 9 and iQOO 9 Pro, and the stable roll-out will be pushed eventually. Check out the complete list below.

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